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Technology against technology, brand new car taste "eight fresh"

If it is not a local brand, now Santana could be selling 200,000 yuan. Indeed, because of local brands launched a round of price wars, China's auto prices will be reduced year by year. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental airport rental, however, when the joint-venture car company used local companies and low price strategy, to bring technology to the leaders, but what happens to local companies? Solution is only one, that is, technology against technology. Not surprisingly, this year's domestic new car will be powered by many of you are familiar with and only appeared on the joint venture model of the new technology. Of course, these indigenous technologies not fully independent, many are "turn-key" project; but in the position of ordinary people, independent or not is not important, at an affordable price is more important to buy and use these new technologies.

NO1, auto start/stop

as its name suggests, automatic start-stop means able to auto shutdown and startup, reducing idling and fuel consumption. The past two years, this technology trend in Europe has gradually spread in China, is still very fresh, only appear in the Audi A1, A7 and Mercedes-Benz Smart, BMW X3, one of the few models. But Chang CX30 and upcoming Grand this month will also be equipped with this technology. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental airport rents Chang-where to get this technology? Answer is ChangAn Automobile with Germany Bosch cooperation in research and development.

NO2, small-displacement turbocharged

Turbo appeared in domestic models for the last time, China, roewe, Chery has launched 1.8T. However, large-displacement turbocharged engines in front of the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, is outdated. Small-displacement turbocharged engines is the most IN power solutions, techniques such as Ford, General Motors, such as 1.6T, 1.2T and 1.0T. Keep up with this trend is the great wall and BYD, the great wall wing room C50 1.5T engine, BYD 1.5TID engine with direct injection technology.

NO3, crash test results

crash test scores is not a technology, but rather the level of security reflects joint venture automakers often E-Ncap or four-or five-star show. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental airport rent but now, E-Ncap is no longer a joint venture vehicle "mouthpiece". Earlier, Dorsett EC7 and MG6 in Europe "big hit", scored four stars. Although only four stars, but is already a big step forward. Four-hand, five star will be far behind?


there are local SUV, but due to lack of drive technology has always been difficult to "wrangle", can only occupy the low-end, and "two-drive" market. Roewe W5 is an exception, SAIC roewe W5 released never flooding where they come from. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental airport rent GAC GS5 also offers four-wheel drive version of the just listed, known as "i-4WD" intelligent AWD system in due time, but the effect remains to be tested.


NVH is Noise (noise), the Vibration (vibration) and Harshness (acoustic roughness), is a local vehicle defects. Fortunately, this shortcoming has been to make up for this year listed the NVH of the local new car than before any significant progress. Technology experts said that local companies just imitate before and never thought NVH, designed from the beginning has now taken into account. Different, totally different results.

NO6, double clutch and CVT

transmission, Geely will gradually extend its purchase of Australia after DSI transmissions including the 6-speed transmission technologies, Royal saloon, Chery already equip E5 CVT continuously variable transmission, and the great wall, Changan, Shanghai Automotive and transmissions of the GAC has its own production plans.


ESP is Bosch's patented technology, is one of the few yet to be domestic automakers "cracking" technologies. However, local companies willing to buy, side mounted to its high-end models. Domestic automakers "generous and kind," or even the Bosch embarrassed: they sell ESP to the joint venture vehicle, but the joint venture model price is much higher than domestic models.

NO8, quality control

this perhaps is one of the domestic automakers spend up to technology. BYD to reduce one Assembly gaps, hired foreign experts to solve. Chery have "shot" some models, then "melt down" some models. Strategic transformation of the auspicious beginning in 2007, is one of the most important elements of quality. Quality control is not a technology, but domestic automakers the most remarkable progress.

Shenzhen rental car rental car rental airport rents observed:

a-class and below may wish to buy a domestic car

since last year, "China has become the second Brazil" is the entire auto industry concerns, because local companies the situation is grim. This year the situation has not improved, but it must be certain that domestic models modeling, technology, workmanship and quality compared to a decade ago, a significant progress, while not as joint-venture rivals, but the gap is limited. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental airport rent if you are buying a-class car and the following may wish to seriously consider domestic models, with ultra high performance, configuration, the space will not let you down, technology also has a tendency to catch up.