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Car rental company car for 4 kinds of accidents, safety for the winter

    is a scooter or a vehicle body clean and tidy is essential, especially in this season of frost and snow on the high side and, therefore, pay more attention to protection of painted surface, will arrive in-store repair if scratched. Professionals also suggested that if the scratch area, maintenance costs are not high, try not to take insurance, which can save costs of a risk, of course, if the scratch area is too large or in a very clear position, or to the normal insurance, painting in a timely manner to avoid rusting. Every season, owners of the best vehicle for a complete cleaning, cleaning, polishing and waxing.

tire pressure: tire is essential for the maintenance of the project. First of all, to have a normal tire pressure, in the winter, low temperatures, proper air pressure, to keep it at the required pressure range. Appropriate the contact surface of the tire and the road surface is small, small friction, effectively protecting the surface and improve vehicle fuel economy. If the owner does not know how much is the normal tire pressure should be, you can consult the user manual, above note there is the ideal tire pressure tires. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental Secondly, regularly clean the surface, because of the cold weather, tires into hard impurities easily punctured tires to make it flat, shop maintenance, be sure to rise to check the surface of the vehicle.


mist: fog driving a lot of problems in the Windows, especially the first part, to pay special attention to air outlet air is normal, heat enough, if there is a problem, to be resolved in a timely manner. In addition, mastering one or two kinds of fine mist method has been useful. Such as a dry towel in the car, taking advantage of parking scratches the glass. In addition to the original method, air conditioning hot air mode can be used, however, the fog disappears slowly in this way. In short, the owner can choose according to their own habits and preferences to.

freezing: freezing winter car owners are most concerned about things, especially for owners of the North, good starts means that saves time and money. First, replace the antifreeze in a timely manner. Antifreeze is antifreeze, preventing boiling, anti-corrosion, waterproof, such as roles, but if antifreeze when the outdoor temperature is exceeded the freezing point, it is easy to freeze, eventually causing the tank to be frozen. Therefore, the need for timely detection of antifreeze's freezing point. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental summer antifreeze if using tap water, should be replaced immediately. Second, good car to start system is necessary, especially for pickup models, like winds Chun pickups with Germany Bosch original GSK glow plug, can lingxia35℃ one-time started successfully. In addition, pay attention to parking layout, time stamped clothing, slow starts are also daily antifreeze should be noted.


chassis, air conditioning: relative to the body, tires, chassis testing is more important, not only makes the chassis dirt more easily for a long time, and a second vehicle accidentally can also cause backing, and may even cause the oil pan gearbox oil, etc, so for chassis specific testing is essential. Air conditioning is no exception, summer high load of running so that rust-prone air conditioning condenser, clean air conditioning is not only conducive to the extension of its service life, but also provides good preparation for winter air conditioning use, and reduce odor.


in addition, the removal from a car, regular cleaning is also very important, a car is like a family, the warmth of inside and outside the car, clean and functioning of the various components make people feel good, safe and private.