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Snow accidents, car rental network job how to prevent car slip roll

Before driving away, cleaning shoes snow  

     in the snow, the sole comparative wet, sometimes ice remnants, so not only will be wet inside the car, driving skidded as the sole cause of dangerous occurrences. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental for some manual transmission cars, and this situation will be more serious and if shoes are wet, while in gear, clutch or brake, it is prone to slipping. Get on the bus, owners try to clean up the snow on the shoe can also spread some newspapers in the car, foot on the snow and ice melt will be absorbed by the newspaper.  

     in addition, experiencing winter weather, hot car of the owners time must be longer than usual, particularly parked outside in the car for a long time. Hot car to have the temperature pointer reaches safety, or anxious to start, is likely to cause worse damage. In addition, do not immediately open after you start the car heater, best car traveling at a constant speed for some time to open.  

     driving in the snow: stability, stability, stability  

     snow, the roads are covered with snow, road of truth is not easy to tell, motorists should be appropriately controlled speed, grip the wheel, centres or shallow snow along the road. Driving in the snow should be steady steady, stable.  

     icy roads are the most dangerous drivers may encounter. In this case, try to drive on the left front track, do not rely on the road driving, reducing driving speeds. If you feel the drive wheels begin to slip, immediately release the throttle. Do not slam on the brakes, it will most likely result in sideslip. If yaw immediately release the brakes, steering wheels to regain control of the car. Braking measures taken before entering the turn, never in the corners on the brakes, inertia will make your car went out of control.  

     according to experts to prevent wheel spin also has the following trick, the owner can try. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental one was slow refueling, start and Acceleration, lighter fuel, slow, to prevent the occurrence of tires slipping and skidding. Second coincidence slow deceleration, to take full advantage of the engine's "lead resistance" braking deceleration. Its slower steering, steering, but also to slow down, increase the turning radius and slow steering wheel, steering wheel operation to go gentle, or slip can also occur, and outwards out of the car. Four more foreseeable, due to snow and ice pavement characteristics of sliding, not according to your will to control the vehicle, would pose great difficulties for driving, so take extra care while driving.