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In times of emergency, airport rental car to remind you not to ignore the car hand brake

in the road, people often use braking system, parking braking system, that is, we often say that the hand brake was not being taken seriously. Nan shan car hire airport car rental car rental, rental, car security, car hand brake and brake systems are equally important, hand brake failure or accidents caused by improper use in life are common.  

    1 jam, remember don't forget to pull Handbrake  

     If they forgot to pull Handbrake when parking vehicles when there is a slip after, close to stepping on the brake, maybe not too dangerous. But if you got stuck in Banpo, the owner forgot to pull Handbrake, it would have been very dangerous.  

     owners of energy in to step on the gas and loose on the clutch, while ignoring the brake, then the vehicle will fall, plus other vehicles behind in the constant honking warning sound, making owners feel more nervous, hurried up clutch, car will turn off, and then pour it, that met the vehicle behind.  

     emergency measures: those who encounter car is blocked in Banpo, appeared to slip, owner of the first thing to do is calm, do not panic, quickly stepping on the brake, the car stopped, and then gently pull handbrake. Slowly release the brake. Feet it is best not to leave the brake, sure hand brake after grappling, then the brake release.  

     right way: in daily driving, best kept cars at a distance, in the event when the car slipped, should take immediate steps on the brake, hand brake and a series of remedy measures. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental at the same time, parking situation for a long time, still must remain vigilant, be sure to remember to pull Handbrake, which not only can keep their feet get a rest and don't worry because of distractions and release the brake, causing car phenomenon.  

    2 high speed, Handbrake cannot be the brake  

     many owners think that, at high speeds or in a zig zag, encounter unexpected crises can directly pull handbrake to slow down, in an emergency, Handbrake can replace the brake and let it stop immediately. In fact, it would be wrong and dangerous.  

     Handbrake's primary role is to control the rear wheel of the vehicle speed. But in the fast-moving, the hand brake braking effect is very small. If car owners to pull the hand brake while running at high speed, then it is easy to make the rear wheels lock, the cable pulled off, then insert the vehicle side slip can occur, or overturned, and so on. While in sharp turns or driving in the rain, snow and ice, or rapidly using the hand brake, or the ABS system will fail, the rear wheels no speed signal, prone to wandering and flick.  

     emergency measures: in high-speed driving, emergency stop, but the brake does not work when there is a problem, the first thing to do is release the throttle, to downshift to slow significantly lowered in the smooth speed, speed, pull Handbrake brakes stop the car again.  

     right way: under normal circumstances, at high speed and should try to use the brakes to keep the vehicle stopped, not a last resort, best not use Handbrake at high speed forced the vehicle to stop, this would be very dangerous.  

    3 run with the hand brake, brake loss  

     with the hand brake on car, the most direct impact is the brake disc to accelerate wear and brake heat hardens, hand brake cable stretched. Nanshan car hire tours airport rental car rental car rental that will lower the brake performance, sometimes owners smell burning smell is a result of, in severe cases, will the phenomenon of smoke from the rear. If long time pull the hand brake drive, killed may also result in the brake cylinder, brake oil leak brake fluid temperature is too high, leading to complete loss of brake function.  

     in General, with a hand brake, faster the speed, the greater the loss of brakes and tires may also have some damage.  

     response: If you encounter with a hand brake in the drive, and a serious smell and smoke from the rear of the case, owners should immediately slow down, brake, put the hand brake.  

essential at this time to move on, cars should be parked roadside and car temperature down, and carefully observing whether other strange. Do not just put the handbrake, driving in the car continues at a high temperature.  

     right way: proper driving habits, before driving to see if Handbrake has been released, but also pay more attention to the dashboard, relatively speaking, dashboard shows information of the most comprehensive, real time Dashboard information, pay attention to the warning light, can be avoided with a hand brake driving behavior.