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Drive caught a puncture, rental reminded them the solution is dangerous

♦ When the tire meets high temperature  


     on July 7, Ping Shan tunnel exit, Quanzhou, Fujian Quanzhou Highway, a large truck fire due to left rear tire.  

     at noon on July 11 of that year 12:30, tongsan Expressway in Zhejiang Province ping Cang, a major blowout accident occurred, a passenger travelling to taishun Chengguan export one kilometer distance from Cangnan, flat tire accident. At that time, around 12:30, the weather is hot, after sun exposure, and the car's tires exploded suddenly. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental driver intentionally hit to the right direction as far as possible, passenger cars or crashed into a highway barrier and caused a rollover accident, which most of the passengers were injured. Fortunately, not many cars collided. 9 people injured 20 passengers on the bus, fortunately after rescue from danger.  


     as temperatures rise, tire temperatures, resulting in rubber to soften and tends to tire. When driving on expressways, the driver should check the tyre pressure, and fasten your seat belts, drive carefully. Hot summer weather or driving for a long time, if the tire pressure is too high, the driver should choose to stop a passing cool, normal and tire pressure tire temperature is lowered again.  

     ♦ the speeding car suddenly burst  


    , July 8 at 8 o'clock in the morning, in Chengdu, a speeding white Alto car flew over the barrier and rushed into the slow lane, serial struck 5 pedestrians. Introduced to handle incidents of police drivers bear when a drive by sections of the ICBC, a sudden flat tire. Owner said he wanted to step on the brake to pull, but a panic has stepped on the gas pedal.  


     driver after the first reaction is often a flat tire brake, but in fact, if when a flat tire, the driver instinctively stepped on the brakes, but was "guilty". When a flat tire, first holding the steering wheel, controls direction; then release the throttle, brakes slowly, slowly pull to and set warning signs at the vehicle rear 150 meters.  

     ♦ overload a tire, a lesson from  


     a year the morning of July 15, Shanghai, a license plate for 15 tons of Hu AD0394 large platform truck was carrying 64 tons of steel plate, overloaded 327%, leading to fracture in the right tire, the right front tire blew out.  

     on July 16, Shandong highway a nuclear large tractor carrying 20 tons carrying a lot of sawdust in Shandong Shenxian section of highway driving, because of severe overloading of vehicles, two right rear tire exploded, which goods poured in one place. Poured out of the goods at the same time, came from behind a red Santana, descending from the sawdust mercilessly buried the cars below. Santana was badly damaged, had minor injuries and the driver opened the window and climbed out of the car.  


     tire due to overloading, responsibility for all drivers. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental many large trucks, bus drivers to economic interests or for convenience, would be overloaded, resulting in a tragedy put on again. For motor overload can lead to the fact that flat tire, driver awareness, but some drivers knowingly. As gatekeeper of the truck, the driver should learn from its mistakes, strict weight control, do not let the tragedy again.  

♦ rear tire, clever use of brake  


     on July 5, 1 o'clock in the morning, driving a semi-trailer truck to the Golden Highway to Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, 70 kilometers, right rear wheel of the vehicle a sudden flat tire, the driver immediately slammed on the brakes. But due to a heavy semi-trailer truck vehicle, direction of vehicle or run by the engine crashed into the roadside guardrail of Expressway, severing of the 20-meter-long fence in a row, hit after a 30-meter-long fence, truck plunged off the highway roadbed, rollover in the nearby fields.  


     front tire blew more en route. In such cases the drivers don't panic, his hands clenched the steering wheel, as much as possible to control the vehicle and step on the brake pedal, remember not to step on the brakes. Avoid the front part under too much force on the other hand, because the front tire burst will not roll smoothly, and may even be out of the wheels.  

     If the rear tire, the car's tail will swing violently in an irregular manner. Need drivers to stay calm, his hands clenched the steering wheel, keep the car straight. In addition, it is best to use brakes, thus shifting the weight of the car, tires not lock, the front tire forces as intact as possible, reducing the burst tire to withstand the load. Also be careful not to step on the brake pedal too much.  

     ♦ bus burst a tire, do not panic  


     a year on July 11, a 103 tram line to Beijing when the gate of the Ministry of land and resources, a sudden flat tire, the passengers on the bus that exploded, have got off, several eager passengers jumped out of the window. Driver check found the left rear tire burst. After the passengers got off, the driver will be empty soon left.  

     about 9:30 A.M. on July 13, a 210 bus in Shanghai on the wider West Road near Vang Vieng intersection a sudden flat tire, 6 people injured by particles of tire, and unaware of the truth of passengers exploded, "stay alive" frantically pushed off, leading to a 9-year old girl in the car was injured by the crowd.  

    7 20th around 9 o'clock in the evening, more than a bus carrying more than 20 passengers of the bus from Shenzhen to Tai Shan, speed of Jiujiang in Foshan a sudden flat tire on fire and flames were spreading rapidly, within a few minutes the bus engulfed. Found more than more than 20 passengers on board caught fire and leave quickly, buses were burnt iron, causing no casualties.  


     more than 3 tire explosion occurred in the bus, but the second accident due to passenger confusion caused a tragedy. When the tire is crowded places, we remember not to panic should be quick and orderly withdrawal of the scene of the accident.  

       ♦ stop set to warning light;


     on July 8, at 2 o'clock in the morning, Guangdong Maoming-Zhanjiang Expressway a serious traffic accident occurred, three people died on the spot and injuring one person. When a large truck about five kilometers from the toll station suspect a sudden flat tire, driver to stop for repairs tyre, when the repair is completed when she is getting ready to leave, a lorry travelling in the same direction not to escape, "bang bang" tail of the Hainan rammed head-on with a large truck, cab three people in the car died on the spot. Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental dramatic collision in front of the truck on the passenger seat of Hainan hit thrown out of a more than 50-year old man was injured.  

     on July 10 at 3 o'clock in the morning, XI-Tong Expressway in Shaanxi province a serious car accidents, two end of the truck collided, killing 3 people 2 people seriously injured, West Tong highway traffic for up to 10 hours.  

later, police said, this is a rear-end accident when a blue truck parked on the road due to a puncture tires, behind by behind the yellow truck.  

     one night 10:40, serious traffic accident occurred on the highway in Hainan Province, Nan shan car hire airport car hire, rental car rental introduced was a sanitation truck xiuying from the old town direction up to the section of the incident when a sudden flat tire, left front tire, the car parked on the roadside. Sanitation truck stop without placing warning lights in road and later a flour truck straight from the rear, two car overturned at.  


     these three incidents are affiliated with the improper disposal of some drivers. Logo is not set after a flat tire casualties and heartbreaking. Hainan flour truck driver said: "I really couldn't see in front of a car, so dark narrow road, sanitation truck stop without warning lights, really kill people. " 

     When a flat tire, drivers should be set at the vehicle rear 150-meter warning signs. Need special attention are: vehicles, fast speed on the highway, in order to ensure safety, do not themselves get off Tyre, but should call the highway police phone the police, waiting for rescue vehicles to come to the rescue.