Vehicle display

New "killer" common rental car driving n kinds of errors shall be corrected

  New car has a lot of easily ignored or despised the place, if you are not careful, is likely to be feared, the range of cars flashing "road killers".  

     ignore seat belts  

     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

     again and said, please fasten your seat belt, had to design speech reminded that new car, or was it desperation. In some cities, this "venture capital" more reasons most similar, is that "speed is low, it's OK", "air bag, there's no need".  

     numbers: survey shows that air bags under the condition of normal gas explosion, wearing seat belts and not wearing a seat belt the highest casualty rates of up to 1:9, not negligence.  

     car rental network to remind mind: fasten your seatbelt before driving, regardless of speed. Clasp is used for adjusting the harness height on the b-pillar, should adjust the belts in the shoulders, not too high, so as to avoid neck injury when the accident occurred.  

     sit   sit;

     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★  

     seating low to not see the road, top of chest steering wheel driving, these awkward driving position hidden dangers. In case of danger, if there are insufficient leg room, can delay braking time; improper posture may also be injured by airbags ... ...  

     digital: improper posture, may delay the braking time 0.1~0.5 seconds, 100Km/h cars, loss of braking distance 2.7~14 meters.  

     car rental Network reminded remember: car zhihou first adjustment sitting, head above at least guarantee a fist of space; seat upper and lower adjustment, to sight can see front parts for better, certainly flat car can without consider this a items; steering wheel upper and lower before and after adjustment, to hands wrist take in steering wheel Shang along for better, also can will steering wheel rotating week, right hand to nine points location in, arm micro-song for better.  


     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★  

     a way to forget that driving school instructor's teachings, spell put together make up. More, a little less, up. Found in a daze, forget whether the steering wheel in the Center ... ...  

     numbers: most of the steering wheel left and right travel of 2.5~3 circle.  

     remember that hands control of the steering wheel at any time at 39 locations, directions to a circle as a unit, took it and is still hands 39 points.  


     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★ ★  

     tired, also to have enough sleep and then driving, life safety, should never careless, watching eyes fight yawn, to find a rest stop to take a NAP, fatigued driving is very dangerous!  

     digital: major traffic accidents due to driver fatigue, 60% above is caused due to less than 3.5 hours of sleep.  

     car rental network to remind mind: sleep, put an end to "extremely poor driving."  

     wear the wrong shoes  

     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★  

     Schumacher must not wear slippers games, but many of the owners dare! Some girls dare to drive in high heels.

slippers may cause brake weakness, high heels are difficult to control pedal.  

     digital: a pair of ordinary puma shoes and pedal contact area is about 2~5 times the high heels.  

     remember: keep a pair of shoes in the car, safety, fashion balance.  

      , staring at the instrument on the road;

     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★  

     dashboard is a vehicle information center, not only is the tachometer and speedometer, and pay more attention to water temperature and fuel gauges to ensure all lights normal road, don't study why is there a red exclamation light is on, it is the handbrake did not let go!  

     number: 90% of vehicle information can be obtained at dashboard.  

     remember: water goes out driving again, pay attention to the working conditions of each instrument.  

     phone porridge  

     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★ ★  

     "Hello! I was driving and my speed is 100 mph now, Oh! "Some people call quickly, in order to save a few cents, telephone charges, simply drove one hand texting! Amazing sweating ... ...  

     digital: making law, call driving a fine of 200 Yuan and fined 3.  

     remember: focus, try to avoid calling by car.  

     speed racing  

     index of lethality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

     are complaining about Highway speed limits were too low, all drag racing experts, a road is the high-speed car chases. Not just tickets, but a threat to road safety. Drive not just car chases, especially newbies!  

     number of traffic accidents caused by speeding traffic accidents accounted for 1/3.  

     remember that speed, not just to avoid a ticket, but also to guarantee security ... ...