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Headlights headlight upgrade selected the original traffic, circuit safety

After two years of "explosive" growth, automobile market this year, "cool", "down. Car and vehicle concept has become more rational. According to the authorities, according to new research: in the most closely watched in the performance car, security has more than power and appearance, such as traditional cars, car key, together with price promotions to the top.

high rise, bumper, body plate thickness, number of airbags in the vehicle when the accident occurred, you can minimize the damage. ABS antilock, brake force distribution, brake assist, traction control, vehicle stability control vehicles for these active safety performance are becoming the focus of attention. But when we focus on vehicle safety equipment, is likely to ignore the car lighting security plays a role.

many people seemed to notice the lights decorative and stylish, even holding the headlight can light reading lamp. They ignore the lights on the great role of safe driving. From Germany lighting experts said according to OSRAM, 60% traffic accidents occurred in the evening, while 22% is in the driver's line of sight all of the traffic accident cases. To know the car lighting security plays a very active role. Its mission is to prevent, let you see accident driving at night to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. Vehicles with good lighting effects should also be a part of our interest in vehicle safety performance.

buy headlights, OSRAM give bikers some recommended buy lights, for your reference, one of the most important thing is: try to choose the original headlight, that is, factory-what brand of your car headlights, it is time to renew and try to choose a lamp of the same brand. Without any problems in terms of matching, and more importantly quality is guaranteed. Today lamp market in addition to the joint venture, there is no evidence of unlicensed small workshops. Different grades of products, much like the exterior, but the market has a lot of gaps, quality is uneven, ordinary consumers it is hard to see one of the mysteries. However, pedestrians can easily see, fake inaccurate positioning of the filament of the lamp, resulting in very uneven, and more, or is very bright. While driving not only caused the driver's line of sight is not clear, unable to see the road conditions, but night-time glare when passing to a Visual blind spot opposite driver, often causing traffic accidents.

in addition, most of the drivers headlight bulb out to replace, auto lamp brightness actually increases with the age and decay, if not timely replacement headlights, will move us closer to the risk of accident. So once the lighting has been unable to meet the needs of driving, active replacement car light bulbs, ensuring driving safety. Only farther, more sharp car lights, can help the driver to detect security risks, take measures, resulting in more safe and comfortable driving experience.