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Car rains encounter "flu" experts in conditioning the remedy

Heavy rains frequently, recently, after Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu has also ushered in "the third sea", this day became vehicles of the "good Friday". Recently, car 114 newspaper received a call from many car owners, car seeking medical treatment after suffering storm invasion Bolivian reporters present a sudden car "flu", consulted with auto maintenance experts, for all owners of distribution solutions.

engine shortness due to Qi deficiency

owner: "I feel not yourself these days to start the engine, starting is not a problem, but is very agile, often weak. ”

expert: automotive engine called the car "heart", the most important and most likely to expose problems. Following heavy rains, the engine not starting is the most common phenomenon, this problem is the biggest reason leakage due to ignition system being affected with damp. Once was because the ignition system ignition caused by the wet side, engine performance, you can temporarily with a dry paper towel or a dry cloth dry Distributor and wires, if aging leakage must be replaced immediately.

beware of skin disease after the rain

owners of Ms YIN: "rain, body mud being washed clean, can not wash the car? ”

expert: with rainy day, some new drivers would think that rain can wash away the body of the Earth, save the trouble of washing. However, after the rain if you don't seize the car wash, paint is very damaging. Rain containing acids, will corrode paint the outer membrane, while rain also mixed in some invisible to the dust, Sun (quotations   pictures   parameter) after exposure, can produce large amounts of oxides, long time wants to clean up very easy. So, after the rain begin to paint your car grooming, to prevent rain damage to the paint, simple and effective methods is waxing, but if you want to achieve a lasting protective effect, you can also glaze.

ventilation and removal of bacteria

owner Chen: "after every time it rains, opens the door, face a very strong musty, ventilation time, things are a little better, but it won't hold much longer and go back to musty. ”

expert: after the rain, can pick out of doors wide open ventilation, keep moisture away from your car. In addition, the Interior can be cleaned in articles such as mats, seat covers and the like cleaned again. Just after heavy rains, in-car air conditioners tend to be musty, encountered such a situation can adjust the heater to maximum, drive 20 minutes or so, this will allow the rapid evaporation of moisture in the car, also eliminate taste. To note is that do not use perfume smell, because some of the musty smell is caused by perfume, such as acidic lemon scent, emitting more prone to mouldy odor.

car suffered cataracts

owners of MS: "two days before the storm, the car headlights into the water in front of the now opened up like ' Misty ', thought that after two days of fog will be dry, but still not better. ”

expert: easy led headlight into the water on rainy days. Lamp brightness will be affected after the water, too much water can damage the headlight, headlight light will be altered, brings to the driving safety hazards. If fog lamps, headlamps and driving lamps can be open at the same time, observe whether the headlights mist disappear in an hour, if you disappear, it can be concluded that the bulb seal not tight and cause leaks. If there is water, there might have is a great chimney, the bonding problem, need to be bonded clean shade, dried glue, you can also choose to repair to a professional repair shop.

wipers damaged time change

mine owners: "the last two days, my wipers always vibration phenomena accompanied by abnormal sound, I'm not even scrape the dust with it.

diagnosis: Auto wipers as the body's lashes, plays the role of security guards, prevent the intrusion of rain and dust, so its maintenance to be more detailed.

owners can put the windshield wiper switch on a variety of speed and position, and note a rain brush if there is vibration or abnormal noise at work, check whether the rain brushes at different speeds to maintain a certain speed, observe the Wipers Wiper swinging support the existence of uneven or missing scrape phenomenon. This two kinds of failure of any one, means that the wiper blades for damage. You can rain shuala, in rubber wiper blades have a feel with your fingers, check for damage and elastic. Leaf aging and hardening or cracks, it should be replaced.