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Drive before and after driving in snow-road differences and skills

Pioneer drive after good or well? if no specific limit, then it is difficult to say exactly the respective advantages and disadvantages. Driven by both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, Fwd is simple in structure, economic cost, but weight is assigned to the front, so dynamic stability than driving on the highway; and driving power comes from the rear wheel and front wheel is only responsible for steering, acceleration and vehicle weight would have a better performance. However, we mentioned earlier are in normal paved roads, if the bingxuelu surface is slippery, that is another story ... ...


start under normal road conditions, after the drive has a natural advantage, because the engine at the front, and startup will automatically transfer the center of gravity of the vehicle, grip rear wheels as drive wheels will be significantly enhanced, reasonable weight ratio is more conducive to accelerating and improving ride comfort; but ice and snow road condition is quite different. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental for the first drive, if the tyre has slipped or place not step, but after driving there may be danger of lateral sliding. And driving wheels of the car before a heavy pressure on the engine, it can also increase the driving wheels in the snow and ice pavement traction.


Fwd as the name suggests, is the driving wheel at the front, simply saying is "pulled" car; then drive the driving wheels in the back, so is "push" cars. This a obvious difference of when pushed in the corner.

on dry pavement, as is responsible for driving the front wheels and the responsibility, so prone to understeer, the relative stability at high speeds less; then when you drive at high speed cornering, front wheel does not take on additional drivers, thereby reducing the burden on it, driving limit has also increased. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental but after the oversteer when the vehicle, the driver needs to have more driving skills to save the push, or have a greater problem, which is why only some real fun to drive car with rear-wheel-drive technology is the result.

winter driving tips

If the ice surface, as the former drove the back of lighter and therefore easier for rear wheel loses grip, after the skid coupled driving wheels, front drive understeer will result in a deviation from the planned route head to, that is more likely than driving after getting out of control.

second gear start manual mode. As we all know, first gear teeth than most, biggest transfer to the drive wheels of the engine torque, and bingxuelu low friction coefficient, so slightly oil the rear wheel was prone to slipping. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental starting reduced by manually forcing a second engine the torque exerted on the driving wheels, reduce skidding. Persists after driving second gear start, need to slow, compared with high-end, second gear oil will get the better of the slow effect. Of course, the starting up slow up the brakes slow refueling is also essential.

retreat. Because the surface is too smooth, and high retaining are difficult to start when can attempt to reverse, backwards can emerge from the difficulties. In my opinion, when driving after skidding when failed to take off, change reverse gear to "pioneer" on more than an out of the way; and the current drive skidding when failed to take off, hanging reverse gear into "rear drive", it is mostly in vain, because the reverse gear ratio is usually larger than a block, and more apt to slip.

replace the snow tires. When the temperature is below 10 ℃, snow tires due to the special material, the surface becomes softer, increases the friction and bingxuelu, so as to get a better grip. General tire is just the opposite, the more cold hard. In Europe, the popularity of snow tires is very high, replacing snow tires are the way to solve the problem at source, drawback is the need to be purchased separately, but rather than adding AWD system is the economy a lot.

driving on snow and ice on the roads should also control the speed too fast, avoid hard direction, distance and increasing driving safety, bearing in mind the distance with the vehicles around. If flick in the process, of course, immediately decelerate control of front direction, do not slam on the brakes, BMW's DSC system will allow vehicles to regain grip the first time, to stabilize the road stance.

for precursors and RWD I don't do go, after all, two types of driving characteristics vary, not equal, pioneer of low cost, high efficiency; then drive good handling, good standing start acceleration performance and high comfort. I wouldn't have questioned why BMW does not develop because of the rain and snow days ago drove, as if I'm not usain bolt run in the ice fall and deny his 9 58 seconds men's hundred-metre world record, I believe usain bolt put on his skates, he still is the King of men's speed skating ice.