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Car Wiper Blade should pay attention to the five elements, will also be used

Wiper blades to use. Car wiper blades, including windshield wipers, wiper blades, wiper and other improper use will make wiper scrapped early or scraped clean. No matter what type of Wiper Blade, during use should be noted about the following:  

1. Must be used in rain.  

as its name implies, Wiper Blade is clean up the rain on the windshield. No rain less, never water-free Dry shaving. Because without water, increase the friction will cause damage rubber Wiper Blade and wiper motor.  

2. Even if there is rain, if rainfall is not enough to start wiper films should not be scraped. Must wait until the glass surface with enough rain. Here says "enough" will not block the driver's view.  

3. To remove windshield wiper blades dust on the surface is not recommended. Even if I wanted to do, be sure to also spray the glass water, must not be water-free Dry shaving.  

4. If there is something substantial on the windshield, like pigeons and other birds dry feces, must not use wipers blowing hard, please clean up bird droppings. These hard things very easy to cause the Wiper Blade slices of local injuries, cause the wiper scraping clean rainwater.  

5. Some premature scrapping of the wiper blade is not directly associated with the car wash. If the light when car washing do not pay attention to clean the windscreen, surface film is washed off, is not conducive to rain down, causing the rain stopped on the glass surface, the second is to increase the friction of the rubber and glass surface. This also contributed to the Wiper Blade for scraping and a momentary pause causes the phenomenon of. If you wiper motor continues to operate motors are easily burned.  

Finally, the results of clean Wiper Blade is generally to stop shave it after a few seconds. Shenzhen business car rental car rental car rental car rental airport wait a second glass of water being blown dry before you can achieve the best effect.