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Several automotive failures often misdiagnosed

&Nbsp;   many rental car novice driver in the face of the car when glitches occurred, always worried about whether their own technical problems caused "big trouble", so nervous to 4S maintenance or repair of the master. Car rental network in Shenzhen believe that most of the time is just lack of experience, in the face of those glitches can be easily misdiagnosed, don't know how to deal with it.

    back door will not open  

     rear seat passengers to get off, only to find the doors closed, and gently pull the handle on the door opened. Novice might think: Oh, door lock is broken. In fact, this is simply the child safety lock, played a role. In order to prevent children from accidentally opened the door from the car ride, there are many vehicles are equipped with the child lock, if you accidentally activated the device, rear door can only be opened from the outside. In such cases, just turn off the child lock on it. Child lock on the back door of the car doors do not have there lockup arrangement on the back side of the car, only opens the door to regulation.

     air conditioning not cold enough  

     rental neophytes often envious of others in the car air conditioner cool, while in his car air conditioner to its maximum, up to just feel "too hot", and each time you start the air conditioner in the Sun, take a long time to cool down in the car. You probably ignored the role of inside and outside loop button. If the vehicle starts with air conditioning and external air circulation, cooling effect will decrease, but the advantage is that the air is fresh. In contrast, if you simply use the air conditioning cycle the refrigerating capacity will have increased, but the disadvantage is the lack of exchange between inside and outside air, air is not fresh enough.

     steering wheel stuck

     was surprised to find the car keys when starting the vehicle loosen the fixed or steering wheel is stuck, such circumstances do not think that is the car breaks down, someone to fix it, because this is the vehicle's steering wheel lock played a role. Steering wheel lock automatically after parking, this is a very common feature on the car. And compared to most electronic alarm, steering wheel locks is original, but for thieves, and even managed to start the car, the steering wheel will not turn, still has very good security.

     suspension is too hard

     in the car felt quite comfortable, what's now opened up and hung so hard? and when sitting with other styles of cars, did not feel a sense of bumps. In such cases, it is necessary to check the tyre pressure is too high. Tires are very important cushioning facility on the bus, when the tire pressure, the right time, tires absorb bumps from the road can be very good, but if the tire pressure is not right, especially the tire pressure is too high, the wheels lost the ability to shock.

     oil consumption too high  

     car rental tours new headaches are a big problem, and that is fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is the difference between novice and experienced one of the most important criteria. Novices on routes not only understanding, awareness of temperament of vehicles was not enough. Open car manually, often low-gear speed or high gear at low speed, will have a great impact on the engine and fuel consumption. Drive auto car, novice and don't know how to use the depth control lever throttle, high fuel consumption is also reasonable.

     the above car rental companies may be in the process of old drivers are rare, because I've seen after a practice will have much understanding of the car, each knows what to use. But inevitably some new drivers in such cases would be nervous, this is due to misunderstanding of the function of the car. There are many similar examples, this tells us when it comes to some failure on the surface not too nervous, and maybe just a little button so that we produce a wrong judgment.