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Rapid growth, development, used car new car

"2011 China's used car trading reached 4.33 million, representing a growth of 12.47% ... ... With the ups and downs of the new car market is different, since 2000, around 15% used car market has maintained an average annual growth rate. "Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental which was recently held in Beijing" China auto market trends "mini symposium, Shen Rong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association message. 2011 the market presence of several main characters, heralded the development trend of China's used car market in the future.  


used car deals keep rising

used-car market in China in 2011, volume and turnover showed faster growth and turnover grew faster than turnover growth, annual turnover 210.88 billion yuan, an increase of 18.56%. More than 10 years, the market volume kept rising, from 2000-2003 hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year, by 2011 400duowanliang. Is expected to reach 5 million units, will keep the 10-year average growth of 15%.

car trading accounted for "half"

in recent years, the used-car market, passenger volume had increased to 60%, cars are regular in the passenger car, trading volume and turnover are break-through used car trade in General "half". Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental 2011 second-hand car trading 2.3548 million, representing a growth of 12.23% and turnover of 118.002 billion yuan.

high concentration of second-hand car sales in 1.0-1.6L, including Jetta, excelle and blessing us for top 3 second below 1.0, the top 3 for QQ3, Alto and Le Chi. The past two years, private cars and domestic turnover respectively 80% and 90% per cent of total trading volume.

used cars age more and more younger

the used-car market last year, old 2-5 used cars the most popular cars over 5 years old, is inversely proportional to age increased with the proportion of turnover, trading more difficult. Even 1 year 3 months "" new car deal that year trade 3.25%; 1-2 years old used car, 11.63% of its turnover accounting for those transactions. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental 2-3 and 3-4 used-car transactions are active, volume 14.59%, 14.02% respectively; 4-5 years old used car transactions, accounting for 14.18% of the total transaction. Before 10 trade used cars, cars are mostly concentrated in the old 5-8. Frequency with the update continues to accelerate, used cars aged younger becoming more and more obvious.

trade-ins will be the main source of car

with the development of big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai to rein in private cars, automakers are more and more attention to replacement business car, pay attention to the "used car brand" shape to cope with difficulties in the new car market. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental joint ventures, own brand, as well as imported cars "used car brand" has appeared. Car manufacturer (vendor) 4S shops replacement operations and expand, they may be developed as a brand used-car business centre, trade-ins will become the main source of the used-car market.

unbalanced development of regional market

at present, the used car trade in the regional market size vary widely, used car unbalanced development of regional marketing is a common phenomenon. Rapid economic development in provinces and cities used-car market more active, trading volumes. Statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan, Henan, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities in the top 10 and used car transactions, accounting for 80% of the total national used car transactions, these provinces and cities economy developed, the used-car market is relatively mature.

a new or used car price change contrast

in contrast with the new car market, used car prices. The decreasing trend in the new car market prices were stable last year, used car trade prices are steadily rising, cycling monthly transaction price from 42,900 in the year to the end of 64,100, increases are not small.

"old" is still in

car ownership in China has exceeded 100 million units, many large cities are strictly control vehicle growth, the used-car market has great potential, but now the used-car market integrity issues, market single-country trading low-level problem does not fit issues, tax policy, evaluation and identification of vehicles and so on, these "old" issues unchanged. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental hopes attracts public attention, efforts to address market development bottleneck, second-hand and new car sales match up as soon as possible, building a mature market.