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Dragon car rental market heating up car rental prices in advance is not up

&Nbsp;    recently from car rental market Shang understand to: in on new year's day and Festival during, car rental of user obviously than usually car rental of people more of more, Shenzhen car rental company of consumption personnel to reporter introduced to: from December mid-of when, company of vehicles is tension has, estimated to on new year's day of when user on has may will rent not to car has, business good has, company of each personal are is happy.

     into the rental market, the reporter interviewed Mr WONG who is renting, he told reporters: the new year's holidays, when a friend came to see me, have more time to be with friends, although he didn't have a car, but ready to rent a car, play with friends. Don't know how will price new year's customers. Listened to his description, although currently has entered a car rental peak, but during the new year's day car rental increase in price does not adjust.

     to consider car rental has the following main points:

     go to the car rental company car rental when you take personal booklet, identification cards and driver's license, original, and to pay the appropriate deposit, if not locals, and recommends that you other than original copies of ID cards, driver's license, you also need a guarantor.

     the last caution is this: in your car be sure to carefully check the vehicle to see if you have damage of.