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Access to the underground garage, car rental companies ask you to have the confidence not to slip slope

&Nbsp;    underground garage export, has baffled many uphill start bad driver, especially for automatic transmission models. Because of concerns about the vehicle suddenly slipped, as many vehicles had to turn right into Hill when they stop waiting, staying behind to complete when paid to the plain, slam open sigh of relief rushed to the pay window. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental are said to be in Vientiane City, Qing Chun Yin-Tai, and underground garage export, often uphill novices often suffered the embarrassment of slope-sliding with poor technology, so it's dangerous. Thus, experienced veteran and now exports drove to the underground garage, would subconsciously maintain the necessary distance from the vehicle. &Nbsp;

in fact, it is simple to prevent slip. Encounter steep slopes, as long as according to the driving school instructors teach in, foot on the brake, pull the hand brake, and then big foot to step on the gas, the vehicle to move down the hand brake. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental this applies not only to all the car manually, useful for automatic car. Now some advanced automatic car with AUTOHOLD function, can make your car even on steep slopes are firmly stopped, until moving on, only the throttle will not slip. Need to be reminded of is that drivers who likes talking on the phone while driving, this steep slope, please can you put the phone in the hands of a shelf, leaving his right hand tube stop brake, after all, security is more important.