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Night driving to comply with the "rule" to avoid potential danger

Some car owners often ask, night driving what should be paid attention. Some car experts suggest that owners of night driving should adhere to a principle, is safety first. The arrangement on the trip, it is not a last resort, not to walk at night. Certainly not afraid of ghosts haunting night of the so-called, but adds a lot of potentially dangerous at night, especially on long drives. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental once you really had to drive through the night, are not familiar with night driving friend, still want to know the unspoken rules of the road in the dark. &Nbsp;

pay attention to road conditions

If you can choose, first choice for night driving is highway. Because the night is the biggest trouble is the Visual barriers, we worry about most is not their car, but car traffic. Therefore, closed the highway is first choice for night driving, it not only eliminates the worries over unfamiliar roads, and middle of the road barriers can effectively stop the opposite vehicle shot the lights.

If you do not select only no closed road or provincial highway, then we must strictly control the speed and increase following distance, prepared to stop. Driving in the city, pay attention to the pedestrian crossing from the left. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental in particular on urban roads in China almost all of the lights on the sides of roads, near the center line of the road was dark, such cases should be noted. In closed roads, overtaking at night is a very dangerous thing, not compelling best not to overtake. Overtaking even must, also be sure to accurately identify the front case, confirm conditions, continuous transform popular lighting follow up front and, if necessary, to horns to match, notice of vehicle collision avoidance, does make way to allow Judge vehicle passing, overtaking. In passing, we should increase the distance.

in addition, night driving, road barriers and road construction lights need to be extra careful. In the dark area, when the road is not easy to discern, it must slow down. Lots of distress should be stopped for a look, clarify the situation before March. At night did not look bad, the road sector, and deviations from normal exercise of track or encountered an unexpected condition the vehicle measures less than. Drivers should reduce speed to increase the observation, decision-making and response time.

Note the use of light

at night, the headlights are essential tools. In use, not only to take care not to open in conjunction with fog lamps and headlamps (if the switch fog lamps is not clear, it might as well look at the manual), and want to learn how to use and transform the light. Driving at night, while if speed is below 30 km/h, you should use low beam lights, get 30 metres under normal lighting. And the speed is more than 30 km/h, you should use the high beam lights, light must shine out of 100 metres away. At the time through the intersection, 50~100 metres from crossing slowdown and high beam lights to low beam lights open turn signal signal direction simultaneously.

no barriers on the road at night across the road there is also a very difficult issue is coming and the lights. Normal,, in on to car apart 150 meters Shi, should will far light lamp into near light lamp, this is to avoid hamper opposite driver of sight, if other not to near light lamp, should immediately deceleration and continuous using transform far, and Chikamitsu of approach to motioned, other as still not change, is should deceleration by right parking avoid, do not fought to strong light on shot, so as not to damage both Visual and led to accident.

pay attention to determine road conditions

as mentioned earlier, traffic is very difficult to judge in the night, so we should always pay attention to.

vision in the dark, and we can also erect ears. In General, if the engine sound becomes dull, as the speed slows, indicating increased resistance, cars may be driving uphill or on soft surfaces. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental if the engine light, speed Auto accelerate, description of drag reduction, cars may be travelling in a downhill.

in addition, the adaptability of the human visual system is strong, and in the evening, on the premise of ensuring security, only width lamp, let your eyes adapted to low light conditions and at night, with the low beam lights auxiliary sight would be better.

in addition, some older drivers are also summed up a night driving "black gray go away" principle. That is on a moonless night, pavement is generally black, pavement outside a black puddles will appear brighter, and potholes is more dark.

in addition, also accumulated according to lighting changes column to determine the terrain experience. Such as a shorter beam may be caught in the corners or upwards, beam of variable-length may also be downhill, light gaps may be potholes in the road.

clever use of lighting

sometimes the lights of other cars can also play a subtle role. For example, often encountered at night crossing, according to the lateral road to light exposure, predicted the other vehicle. Intersections have their car high beam light scattering, can determine distance between intersections is a long way off; as light beams or tops of bright light at the corner at the junction (see more at t junction), the measures. So, at night to observe, there are plenty of available references "roadmap".

under car lights in the distance light can also help us determine the road ahead. Shenzhen car rental business car rental car rental airport car rental in weather good of situation Xia, as other is far light lamp direct light, and distance both far and clear, can judge ahead road flat; as far light lights line suddenly disappeared no longer appeared, can judge ahead has junction or corners; as far light lamp light around significantly swing, can judge ahead is bent road; as far light lamp light upper and lower floating can judge ahead is slope road.

of course, sometimes external lights on driver interference, therefore, we should take some preventive measures. When the length of time after Kaiyuan when light, in order to avoid the stimulation of light, can transform the rear-view mirror angle can reduce glare. Passing drivers due to the opposite when the car lights, Visual transient decline, low visibility, the pilot's eyes can avoid exposure to light shaft, with a mask shielding or wear glare proof mirror, there will be some glare effect.