Vehicle display

4 people pay rent a car as collateral, partner cheated 60,008 escape

&Nbsp;    to pay off debts, 4 people actually came up with the "distortion mind": car rental, mortgage rental car, get a mortgage after a walk. Recently, the four men was prosecuted on charges of cheating, and now the case is under further investigation.

Chen was originally Lin's "creditors", in April of this year, Chen repeatedly told Lin collect arrears, Lin has made "no money" remains on the debt. Because money is tight, Chen and Lin and his wife, and friend Hu came up with "fast money" approach: first by Lin and his wife came forward to lie to rent vehicles, Hu contact for lending and rental cars as collateral for lenders, and then repay the mortgage.

the evening of April 21, they "split up", and xinglin, a car rental company car rental contracts signed, get a "Hyundai" small ordinary buses. After that, Lin someone forged certificates related to the car. The next morning, they drove to the opening get mortgages, with 68000 Yuan, then share. Soon after, 4 people were arrested by the police.