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Greatly to the taxi driver 100,000 cash returned to its owner

  "who have to maintain a normal heart is their own, so at ease. "On 18th this month, brother to master one of the passengers lost in the cab nearly 100,000 yuan in cash and passport and returned to its owner.

18th around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, brother Jin Jian rental company in international trade in water and pulled two male passengers, one of the young men sitting in the front row on the co-pilot seat. "Some lasted more than 20 minutes, they pick up a phone and get off at the. "The master said, drove to near sanyuan bridge, the closing of two passengers got off.

after a while, a passenger told the teacher who just get on, the car has a package, let him wait and see. After the master will send the passenger to the destination, beixinqiao, immediately stopped for a look and found the bag containing bundles of cash, including the Hong Kong dollar, the Thai baht and other foreign currencies. "I was dumbfounded, but I think, loser to lose so much cash, it must be very worried and must hurry to find the owner." Yu Chaoshui said, then he sent to this black waist beixinqiao station.

"I got off in a hurry and did not want invoices, and do not know, I could have been given up. "Owner Tsai told reporters that the package has more than 50,000 yuan, tens of thousands of Thai baht and the Hong Kong dollar, worth a total of nearly 100,000 yuan, and there are 6 important passports and bank cards, identity cards and other items. "I worked as a travel, most of the nearly 100,000 tourists tours, so I was worried. "

18th, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr Choi received a call from beixinqiao station, said one brother delivered his lost black purse, allow him to confirm. Subsequently, at beixinqiao station, Mr CAI back pack and found nothing in cash on the spot to get 2000 master rewards, but the master insisted, no charge.