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Car rental issues, car rental companies think the most lit 4 things

Watched the nearly 700,000 people to participate in a lottery, and record lows, go straight to 1:40, many people in the lottery is not also changed the idea--the car rental. Especially when limited policy met the national day holiday, Beijing car rental market and the fire. However, the reporter visited a number of car rental companies and car rental people found that this so-called sunrise industry for many years there are still a lot of problems, so uncomfortable on both sides of the car rental, car damage, fuel, and point penalty, service customers worry about facing four.  


     vehicle not careful  


     when it comes to rental cars, almost all the experienced people are reminded, be sure to check well in advance, do not travel or travel rush hit the road, give yourself more trouble when returning the car. Liu Hui rented a Buick excelle before the long holiday, "my rent is luxury 1.6 automatic, good car, leather seats sunroof, car inspection service gave a brief demonstration of usage, I left the car keys to. It seems God is destined to make me pay the tuition fee and has not left the parking lot, I scrape a Bora next. So hasn't hit the road the first time ' traffic accidents ', parking lot security guard found Polaris owners, car rental company guy is coming back, coordinating the final result was settled, I'll pay 300 bucks. " 

     Liu Hui originally thought after the clear weather, until at the time of delivery and the problems. Car rental companies who said the right front wheel of the car after the vehicle distorted, he don't find it reasonable--when in the original vehicle wheel wheels blocked, who would have thought that removing the wheel hub inspection cars? Although he has repeatedly explained that he used the car without any incidents, but this injury really can't be normal driving may result. But they insist on the collision of responsibility on him, but also referred to his weakness on the spot: "your driving skills may not be good enough, and not to see the parking lot you rub, so even if there are problems, you may not feel it. "As a result, he gave the car rental company fee for lost parts, back to the car rental company lost 328, they say, the price is according to the gold card discount, Liu Hui both gave money and have nothing to say.  

     and Liu Hui compared, car friends small Zhuang of experience on more wronged has, also due to has been didn't can checked, small Zhuang on in Festival during specially to rent has car Buick, was only wants to rent a week, but jiabuzhu car rental company of people a marketing, "he said they company is national chain, to field tourism, and travel are can at any time car rental, I mind a hot, to car rental card in one-time save has 5,000 block money, didn't thought this small of decision had into has ' Cups ' begin! "A few days later, Xiao Zhuang's car was behind a Passat, not only the entire rear bumper off, and even the trunk is cut up. After the call, car rental companies also didn't say what insurance under the normal procedure, he had to go home. Chengxiang who a few days later, when Xiao Zhuang to when it plans to continue to rent again, only to be told that people on the blacklist, not rental cars. Xiao Zhuang was extremely unbalanced, "if it was my responsibility and I am hitting my, how come she does not listen to reason with them, I'm nasty, Cary rental money back to me, I don't rent from you, okay? "I didn't know, car rental companies calculate, except also get any excess rental costs and delay compensation, and finally he can comfort yourself--who made himself careless driving, an accident on, he must pay for lessons.  


     also see oil table  

     This book difficult to count  

     for more than six months have not shake, just past 11 long, Green had to select for an outing. He is from a large chain of car rental company rented a Citroen C2, "rental contract when I studied it carefully, think okay, responsibilities and clear.  

is a-the car is how much oil is guaranteed as much oil when returning the car line. I never seriously thought small-engine car, should have no problem. Is this thing, then made nothing clear. "According to introduce green, his car when oil table displays existing oil production is a little more oil. So after getting the car, he would find the nearest gas station 50-dollar oil, look at oil, wondering the way oil is basically 50 bucks, was also very practical. But three days later when he car, store said in its oil content less than when they started, green oil plus. He felt that this requirement could not be overstated, see oil table oil content is about three-fourths at that time, thought 20 bucks will be done.  

     so, than a guy driving with a car rental companies to find a Sinopec filling station, requiring station staff plus 20 Yuan 93rd gasoline. But oil see oil table is added, no changes at all. Car rental company says: "either you add 20. "Green agrees, but adds there is no change after, green heart with a little disturbing:" I'm kind of bad feelings, it appears that the gas gauge didn't pin down. "For fear of oil watch, green also makes the young man drove his car around the gas station to go in a circle, the result is not changed. So had to add 20 bucks--has not changed until after the fourth 20-dollar oil, fuel gauges slowly rise, young man comforting his car rental company said: "anyway, if the oil is added when the next car can also continue to use. "But green was very unbalanced," closed before and after I added 80 dollars for oil, only give added one-fourth Citroen C2 oil, why is it not pass. " 

     and he and the young man said this car gas gauge problem, certainly not. He stressed that this is the company's new car, no problem, they are only subject to the oil. Unconvinced, he returned to the company's 400 customer service call, the result is still the same, customer service has been highlighted by two points, first, customers need to ensure that car fuel tank car line, another point is that they only gauge shall prevail. With this experience, green table becomes extremely sensitive for vehicles to car rental companies, "if I then try to find a rental car full tanks, at least will not be much difference. " 


     elimination penalty   in different places;


     jeepers Lao Wu and reporters about his car rental in Guilin, Guangxi, unpleasant experience. This year summer, he and family to Guilin tourism, family full enthusiasm came to Guilin of China car rental company car rental, in handle procedures Shi, he of credit card was brush has two times, first times brush of is rent of pre authorized, other explained also car yihou also to lifted first times of pre-sale right, second times again brush once illegal of pre authorized, probably of mean is if old Wu has has illegal, even he back has Beijing, family also will took this money make fine. Lao Wu said they afraid of people not familiar with the road conditions in the field, has been careful to drive for fear of penalty. 5 days of play, old Wu, a returned the car to the car rental company, look well, but he would leave 1000 credit deposit as a notice of deposit.  

     didn't expect half a month later, car rental company on the phone, told Lao Wu violation ticket, is a sign not driving, fined 200 Yuan deducted 2 points, if the deadline is not dealing with agents. Lao Wu had hoped to find a local friend, paid a fine, but unfortunately my friend was on a business trip, 10 days after he found had accumulated 700 Yuan in the bank account, name is car rental companies charge. Lao Wu to call to ask, they answer: "200 Yuan a fine of 500 Yuan penalty to eliminate agency fees. "Lao Wu quit now," I didn't ask you to eliminate penalty points, and you did not tell me to take 700 bucks, who make you good at advocating for me? "The results they said this is the company's requirements, but Lao Wu can recognize plants, he spent 500 Yuan to buy the lesson-offsite rental car not so easy.  


     late apologize  -free;


     in fact, in addition to these troubles encountered during car rental outside, car rental companies there are a lot of details also didn't do well, that let customers view lot.  

Li Ding told reporters on her unhappy experience.  

     prior to the rental car she online order submitted in advance, and in order to prevent a mistake, cautious she fought twice in the order confirmation. According to the order on the agreed, 6 o'clock in the evening the guomao subway a car because subway stations she arrived 15 minutes early for my car, and even see the car people. "I call to confirm, because this is not a store told me, I need to wait for the car to drive to the scene to handle. "No way, Li Ding waiting.  

     6:15, her car has not been sent, call again, and said temporary put in train crew and his colleagues later were in contact with her. 6:30, until finally the phone, the caller said: "I'm a little traffic jam here, soon. You are renting for the first time, did you bring a copy of ID card and a driver's license? "Li Ding to be silly:" How can you not say in advance? Where do I go now to find the local copy, if you said earlier, I copied straight over here. "The other says, no way this is company policy. Then, Li Ding had to find somewhere to copy materials.  

    7 clock, drive around the bus finally came. At this point, she has been here for over an hour. PDI Member said, the time is measured from the time of retrieval, can give her will be rescheduled for an hour. Sent by Li Ding pointed out that the car was full of mud, the other explanation is that, given the time it was late, going to wash the car, could delay a longer period of time. By this time, had been waiting for more than an hour of Li Ding began to seriously, "price for your car rental service fee of 50 dollars, which is a cleaning fee, like this car was covered in mud, mess in the car, and I'm certainly not satisfied, I can wait, you wash the car, I-shift. "What she said, PDI also quit:" international trade around here which have washed the car, but I have other delivery vehicle for work. "Li Ding was fed," you are late for more than an hour, the car is not clean, I can't shift. "The findings of train crew heard noises, and bang the door shut on the left. Li Ding later recalled, in fact, is to apologize, he said, is a result not only car rental, and delay time, also gave birth to fed. It seems that if the said car rental industry for more than 10 years of Chaoyang industry bigger and stronger norms, China's car industry is still a long way to go.