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2012 China car rental and auto market "four wars" smoke more

Indications, by 2012 is an important year of car, said goodbye to the Sturm und drang of development on the one hand, on the other hand is competition becoming ever more fierce. Four cars in Europe, Japan and South Korea will fight more than ever physical, spell skills sharp fight, market structure and what will happen to change?

European head start

in recent years, Germany Volkswagen with its advanced technology, leading the trend of consumption. "TSI+DSG" this dynamic combination of gold, led a series of hot models. Volkswagen this year continues "technology is King" path. Faw Volkswagen took the lead in the Golf 6 body with BlueMotion technology, keep the lead in the field of energy saving and environmental protection. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental car rental airport and Shanghai Volkswagen's Passat and Faw-VW magotan is increasing and new senior share of the car market, become an important German sales growth.

as early as two years ago, a "set up in South China, the impact of Japanese car companies to occupy South China market" of the "Southern strategy" launched. After two years of concentrated firepower attack, in South China's market share has reached 15.8%. Except, VW also plans to enter China's Western region "West". Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental Chengdu new plant, Faw-Volkswagen formally put into operation, designed annual production of 350,000 units, can produce a-class, b-class cars, hybrid cars and buggies. Sixth Shanghai VW factory will be built in Urumqi, invested 2 billion yuan in 2013, under construction for completion in 2016. Planning finalized with the Northwest base, Volkswagen industrial distribution in China became an unprecedented complete, form a dense network of manufacturing, sales and service.  


in the Chinese market, European cars and the other one is the main force in France's PSA Peugeot Citroen. This year, Chang an PSA by importing cars into new high-end Citroen DS cars and starting next year, domestic, will be an increment of the law. Meanwhile, Renault nearly two years to import car a success and also a foothold in China, if timely made, will be a large increase in law.

Europe as a whole, since many hands make light work is expected to appear with new vitality. After including Volvo to Geely, accelerating to develop the Chinese market this year GAC Fiat will also launch the first intermediate car products.

beauty of rapid offensive

for nearly two years, represented by GM's American offensive rapidly to full flower offerings, support sales continue to rise. Sharp decline in overall sales in January of this year, American passenger cars and cars car market only grew. Shanghai GM Buick Regal, lacrosse 2012 models upgrade configuration, including the use of a new generation of transmission, comfort and luxury are increased; the flagship Chevrolet brand announced senior car Mai Rui Bao listed, opened the Shanghai GM new cars for the new year offensive. In the domestic luxury car market, American brands lagged far behind Germany and Japan. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental step sharp listed treasure, enhance American sedan in the luxury car market competitive strength. Shanghai GM is expected to launch a variety of new products this year, emerging markets occupy the central city market and two or three lines.

this year, another major Ford Motor of the United States Department of will power. Changan Ford new generation Fox will be before and after the Beijing auto show, Ford in China opened a series of heavyweight product update and enrichment of the prologue. Relative to GM, Ford's weakness is not rich product line and market performance is uneven. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental but Ford has announced that it will introduce 15 all-new products, entering new market segments. And, in a new plant in Chongqing Changan Ford this year will be put into use, will supplement the current scale of production.

Japanese return

in 2011, the Japanese passenger cars increase is down to a few, lagged the broader market. For quite a long time, the Camry and the accord as a representative of Japanese cars have dominated the domestic b-class Championship. However 2011 Camry, accord sales declined more than 10% per cent.

into 2012, the Japanese feel more pressure. To be fair, the Camry and accord the listed time of 6 years and 4 years respectively, compared with rivals, a little older. Last March, Japan earthquake, tsunami, caused a serious shortage of spare parts supply, so that concern emerged in this regard,

faced with declining market share, Japanese cars did not throw in the towel. Whether it is well spent 1 billion yuan to accord their market position or a Camry, loose sounds sale price, reflects the Japanese counterattack. But this year the Japanese successful counterattack, depends to a large extent, their own performance. Just after the Festival, Honda unveiled 2012 accord and winger van. Wide target is 400,000 vehicles this year, growth is expected to be higher than the industry growth.

to save the current confusion, the price is the most convenient means. Guangqi Toyota Toyota Camry low entry threshold for b-class price is an application of the price policy. But the price is able to attract the consumer's attention, but in the current study b-class a-class car, upgrade of consumer background, Japanese cars whether the strategy works remains to be seen, take time to answer.

Korean ambitions

last year represented by Hyundai, Kia Korean Corps performed pretty well. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental data show, the eighth generation of the sonata and Kia K5 since listing, in senior car market share increased from 6.29% to 8.61%. To some extent, has opened a senior auto market "and South Korea rising" Gates.

at present, senior market structure of China's market from Europe and the "three-pillar" to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea "the four kingdoms", which is the result of increased brand competitiveness of Korean.

and South Korea's advantage is to grasp the market trends. In fact, the eighth generation of the Sonata takes this opens up a high-end market in blue sea, avoiding the traditional three senior markets such as Europe and tightly pegged to the business car this territory. As China's family car consumer upgrades, senior family car demand is gradually expanding, grasp this need means that market share is gradually expanding. Eighth-generation Sonata represents the fashion, sports a new landscape, a new senior marketing major, promote rapid and South Korea among the "big four", with the "old main" rival.

of course, Korean has more space in the future depends not only on the eighth generation of Sonata this horse can run far, subsequent follow up new speed and quality assurance will have a huge impact. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental in January of this year, Hyundai Motor Group in China ushered in the year of Dragon's flying start, runner, Elantra or Elantra performance impressive, 17,815 respectively, 14,042 10,818 units and sales lead the market for domestic compact models.

with our extensive product line, model design breakthroughs, and South Korea is expected to maintain a relatively high growth rate this year, Europe and Japan and South Korea "four romances" the evolution will be conducive to the development of Korean.