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International oil price soaring domestic oil prices or the 8-Yuan mark

&Nbsp;  last price adjustment, but for more than half a month, domestic oil prices rose once again in the near future.

on March 8, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open again.

If the increase in oil prices in the short term, with the "four" charges by the owners concerned, when the oil price might break 8 yuan per liter.

soaring international oil price

according to the domestic oil product pricing mechanism, higher oil prices need to meet two conditions: one is three oil changes over 4%, the second is to distance the last price adjustment more than 22 working days.

in fact, starting from the end of February, international oil prices surged, the three red line oil change rate has already exceeded 4% price adjustment, and continued to rise in the near future.

a recent domestic fuel price increase was on February 8, so this condition does not meet a distance of 22 working days.

car rental network in Shenzhen industry experts predict that if the international oil price rally was not reduced, March 8 to reach "22 days" this condition, this means: domestic oil price adjustment window will open within a week.

prices may not be that fast

However, oil prices will rise in the near future, the industry is generally considered not so fast.

bulk products e-commerce platform, treasure island, analysts said, taking into account the environment of high domestic prices, this time the Commission will immediately adjust their prices there are some variables.

How is that currently the domestic oil products market?

bulk products e-commerce platform based on information from treasure island, although the price adjustment window open for some time, but domestic oil market sentiment has begun to feel some drive, appeared reluctant bulls.

on February 29, Sinopec and PetroChina standard 93rd gasoline deal reached to 9720 Yuan/ton, and on February 1, its price is 9250 to 9300 Yuan/ton, rising more than 400 Yuan per tonne