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Car rental mortgage scam money, contract fraud conviction and sentence

With a rental car, "mortgage", can be described as exhausted cheating method, making "proper way", it would be hard to escape legal sanctions. Huoshan recently heard in the criminal cases of contract fraud.

2010  on January 6, accused some people in Huoshan rental companies for renting a car, others came forward to sign the contract and pay the rent. The same day, Ding lied about its friends need to borrow money, using rented the car as collateral to make others signed the IOU, Ding MOU signed guarantor, to borrow $ 60,000 from the Liu Yuan, actual 54000, the Ding returned personal borrowing and spending. Huoshan rental company found after the alarm. With this method, January 2010 to February during, accused d a made up various need with car of reason cheat friends trust, let its friends stepped in signed contract, and make deposit for its car rental, has from three home rental company car rental four car, from friends at left friends by rent car a car, then fake owners or owners friends of name will by rent vehicles mortgage to others, gets cash for its squandered. Among them, the KE help rent two of the accused.

case by court trial think: accused d a to illegal occupies for purpose, in signed, and perform contract process in the, take with real name or take with others name first paid small margin, way, cheat car four car (value 376866 Yuan), and cash 55000 Yuan, deduction its pay of margin 10300 Yuan, con property value 421566 Yuan, amounts huge; accused Ke a help accused d a, common cheat car two car (value 111382 Yuan), Deducting pay deposit of 800 Yuan, con 110582 property value, huge amount, their behavior constituted the crime of contract fraud. In the course of common crime, accused Ding of the perpetrator, offset some of the accused accomplices. After the incident, offset some of the accused assisted police Meanwhile arrested the accused, is a crime and has voluntarily surrendered, truthfully crime that is surrendered, be given a mitigated punishment according to law. Hence judgment according to law: the defendant committed contract fraud crime, Ding an, sentenced the defendant to be sentenced to seven years and sentenced the defendant to offset shall be sentenced to two years, suspended for three years, and a fine.