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Carpool, sharing car rental a new choice for white-collar work

&Nbsp;   now lived in constant expansion to the suburbs of the city, especially one or two cities, densely populated areas for rising house prices will be people's lives has gradually shifted to outside the city. For many white-collar workers, who used to work in the city, and urban life in new home outside the city. Although the cost of living is lower, but the ensuing problem is difficult. One or two-hour commutes, many urban white-collar workers to work in the city quite a headache problem.  

     for them, only a day walk to the nearest bus station may take tens of minutes, and then take a bus first and then the two subway, then back down, almost time to spend three or four hours stuck in traffic every day. This isn't waiting for a time, in case you want to catch the car missed, may face the dilemma of late in the day. In addition, the long traffic jams in the city, a crowded environment, there are all sorts of strange smell in the air, becoming white-collar workers lingering nightmares.  

     in pursuit of a more comfortable economic environment and to respond positively to the country for "green travel" to the call, now in the city car, or a shared rental car new way to travel, such as people of all ages. Network for news about car sharing, car hire can be found everywhere, we enter in the Baidu "carpooling" gets 66 million results, and search for "car" you can search for the information to more than 100 million.  

     car belongs to the "free ride", "crossing", more is designed according to the owner of the route, mostly owners in order to reduce the cost of travel "by the way" thing to do. Or join a shared rental car club, with the easier handling car rental, or rent, not only can plan routes, can also experience more fun.