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Drivers hit the road after car accident hitting escape was cut

A driver after a traffic accident not only apologized to victims and victims to come to claim a bidding war, then drove away in full view. A few days ago, Zhenjiang new patrol police seized this accident car, and follow it to find the attacker.

around 10 o'clock in the morning, Zhenjiang Lu Yin Shan Xin Yangtze patrol police patrolling near the city, is found in front of a moving car Brigade asked to find the car, the police stopped the car when driver Liu on his denial of causing traffic casualties. Police think something, and car and Liu brought to the Squadron for further investigation of the accident.

following a police investigation, the perpetrators really was someone else. It turned out that the car is new, a leasing company, 26th of last month, rental companies will rent this car to the new ink. Police contacted Zhu, he came under investigation, in fact Zhu admitted his traffic accident facts.

originally, February 26 at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Zhu Xin Qu JI Jie-do some driving, while reversing a explained rough knocked down trees. When the tree fell fell to a two-wheel motorcycle, motorcycle damaged. Motorcycle rider Wang discovered, hurry up to claim him, being annoyed by a King to Zhu he claims was angry, then beat Wang, then regardless of the accusations of many onlookers, and drove away. After the accident, and immediately repair the car back to the leasing company. Police released when checking car information of the incident, did not know Liu from the inside of a running car rental procedures, accident car out of service.