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Seven friends in the Forum looking for private car owners "evaporate" cheated more than

In a private car was found on the network Forum, after payment of a deposit of 400 Yuan, the owners "disappear" and people extremely depressed Guo, forum posting on "punitive expedition" liar, was found by the same owners cheat the other 6 people, roughly, 7 people have been cheated tens of thousands of Yuan. Of these, some were tricked into deposit, being cheated of rent, one of whom made a month rent and deposit a total of 5800 Yuan, drive a few days later, found in very poor condition and smell inside the car, the owner promised to change, but the car left, there are no longer any news. Yesterday, by Guo told the Guangzhou car rental network, reminded the public to beware of crooks online car rental.

Guo said that on January 10, she released a community forum to see that someone in the city vehicle rental information, just by chance, she'd like to rent, they contact each other, the other was a man surnamed Liu. MU CUO BRT on both sides to meet at the station, she had to pay 400 Yuan deposit, Liu wrote a receipt for her simple, the car is a white KIA 5-seater cars, Liu promised on 18th, but after taking the deposit, contact not Liu Guo.

Guo through network found other cheated who Hou, everyone established unified of QQ Group, group in total 7 people, Guo said, some people was cheat has 3,500 yuan of deposit, some is was cheat to thousands of Yuan of months rent and deposit, which network name for "tick fruit fruit" of users was cheat has 5800 Yuan (months rent 3800 Yuan and deposit 2000 Yuan), the users this year Festival during to Liu a rent has a car min f licence of white Sonata car, open has times, found car Chamber is dirty, smell is heavy, condition also bad, It is difficult to control, and therefore returned the car. Liu immediately made for a car, and reduced rent, surprise, Liu after the car drove off, never link up.

Why do believe privately published car rental information? Guo said, they were 7 persons car most of the time during the Spring Festival this year, Chinese new year from higher rents, more than 200 Yuan daily rent is normal, and Liu's standard is 3800 Yuan monthly, is cheaper.