Vehicle display

Arrears are not, car rental company is sold

&Nbsp;2 22nd, Huimin Ma shop police station by police structured investigation, suspected of fraud suspects Li captured deception smashed together.

February 21 at 16 o'clock, who lives in Ma Zhen Li came to a taxi lease, Wei found the boss, Cheung Yuet Cheung sedan a car on loan, Wei and Li signed the rental agreement. After the rental term is full, Wei Li, a car, Lee claimed that the car carrying control apparatus was keeping one vehicle by the police, and buckle where and where was seized by the police and so on are not clear. In desperation, Wei reported the case to the police station.

after the police received the alarm, feeling strange, so bringing Lee back to the police station for information. Lee contended, is the police will buckle, and said he only remembered the car license plate number is Lu M08xxx. Police immediately to your brothers units to assist, through query does not reflect Lee's police car.

in the face of facts and evidence, Lee admitted owe 10000 Yuan, rental car mortgages sold to someone else's crime. Lee was arrested for false car rental, car debt has constituted the crime of fraud. At present, Li had been detained.