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Deslagging South checkpoint gate dump truck every night, residents complain

Netizen "cat sz middle" reflects on weibo, South checkpoint barrier outside a border community often dump trucks poured mud all night long, sounds great, dumping of waste within a few days, thousands of cubic metres of complaints but no tube.

"midnight cat sz" on Twitter says nearly a week, every night after 10 o'clock, border community outside of dump trucks could be heard a great noise, less than four or five o'clock in the morning the next day not to call it, has become nearly 8000 cubic meters of dirt. Residents complained to the EPA, Nanshan District, and have not been processed in a timely manner. Shenzhen rental car rental car rental car rental airport he feared that, if hit by torrential rain, where the sludge is a disaster.

yesterday morning, journalists from the South checkpoint East of the Nan ping rapid two-stage under the viaduct, see piles of dirt under the bridge, about 100 meters long and more than more than 30 meters wide, and an average height of about 2 meters. Encroached on some mud on the side of the road, out of the dusty, the bridge is the border community.

community security said construction of the viaduct, the noise and dust problems near the site of the whole building is almost uninhabited.

Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental will be reflected to the South after the street enforcement team staff took reporters to see and find contractors. Nan ping rapid two-stage six-bid project manager Mr Luo explained that muck was under the bridge to the end of August under the viaduct after the completion of the green belt construction hoarding, not piled up for a long time. Shenzhen Airport rental car rental car rental car rental construction dump truck driving in the early hours recently,, Nanshan District, has also received the environmental protection agency about the noise improvement notice will not transport of waste in the future. While Mr Luo said the evening will finish with a dredge, waterproofing work.